NOMADE REGGAE FESTIVAL 5th EDITION – The 2.3 & 4 of August 2019 Rue du Stade 74270 Frangy (Open-Space) – Free Campsite

HERE ARE THE EARLY NAMES! Other coming soon…

Come for good vibes at the Reggae Festival Event in Haute-Savoie, The 2,3 & 4th August 2019 in Frangy (74270) – Free Campsite

After the success of the 4th edition, the Nomade Reggae Festival gives you the 3, 4 & 5th August on the plaza of the gymnasium Claude Metendier, rue du Stade 74270 Frangy
With on the prog:

Internationally famous artists along with great potential young artists.
Whole prog coming soon, still in touch with artists

ENJOY OUR PROMO OFFER: (For the first top 500…)


ENJOYING OUR PROMO OFFER: (For the first top 500…)

Special offer ticket 2 days + 3rd for free = 55 euros (LIMITED OFFER)

Special offer ticket 1 day = 30 euros ht

Instead of
Ticket 2 days + 3rd for free = 60 euros ht

1 day = 35 euros ht

▶️Buy your tickets on the event website. Print your ticket on your own or download on your cell phone:
And on usual outlet: Carrefour, Géant, Sytème U, Intermarché, AUCHAN, CORA, CULTURA, E.LECLERC, LE PROGRES, Fnac, Ticketnet, Digitick.
Free – 12 years old



The Nomade Reggae Festival build a Medico-Social & Literacy Center at Mali:



Short view on Nomade Reggae Festival 2018:




Les bénéfices du Nomade Reggae Festival permettront la construction d’un CENTRE SOCIO-MÉDICAL, commune rurale au Mali. Grâce à l’édition précédente l’association Mélodies du Monde a pu acquérir un terrain pour ce projet.

Achetez vos places sur le site de l’événement. Imprimez votre billet à domicile: www.nomadereggaefestival.com/billetterie

Et dans les points de vente habituels :

Fnac,Ticketnet, digitick, Carrefour, Géant, sytème U, Inter marché, AUCHAN, CORA, CULTURA, E.LECLERC, LE PROGRES, Carrefour, Géant, Système U, Intermarché , Gratuit – 12 ans.




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